At Okanagan Crush Pad as well as our own brand, Haywire, we make wine for a range of clients from all over BC. We’re proud to sell a selection of their products here on our website as well. From full-bodied reds to crisp, complex whites, we have everything you need!

Lunar New Year


Wine Campus @ Okanagan Crush Pad


If you plan to order two cases or more each year, then we invite you to join THE Club @ Crush Pad for 20% savings, and much more! Note that THE Club @ Crush Pad offers a designated selection of wines, and you must be a club member and shop in THE Club @ Crush Pad online store or at the winery to receive a discount on case orders.

N.B. Orders must be in case multiples of 12, but cases do not have to be made up of only one type of wine; create a mixed case of your favourite Okanagan Crush Pad wines! To be on the list for the next vintage of SOLD OUT wines, email