Christine Coletta & Winery Dog, EchoChristine Coletta has been a board member and puppy sitter for PADS (an organization that trains assistance dogs) since 2010. PADS helps those facing a disability by raising, training and placing life-changing assistance dogs: service dogs for people with physical disabilities, hearing dogs for the deaf or hard of hearing, and canine assisted intervention dogs who work in specialized areas for placements in a variety of medical and educational environments.

Christine has been busy with the winery team raising awareness and funds, and puppy sitting. Those who have visited our offices or the vineyard have seen some of the many PADS dogs we have been privileged to care for. We love the PADS family and the tireless staff and volunteers that change people’s lives’ – one dog at a time. We urge you to get involved. Donate, learn how to be a puppy sitter or raiser or come join Christine on the board. Fellow wine lover Terry David Mulligan did in 2013 and he loves carpooling to meetings with CC at the wheel.

To learn more, or make a donation to help these dogs go to

Summerland – a town and a dog

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Okanagan Crush Pad sponsored the first year of training for a PADS puppy born in North Vancouver. We named him “Summerland” as it seems like a happy dog name. Summerland was raised in North Vancouver by Sue and a team in Calgary and after three years of dedicated training and work, he let us all know that it was time to consider other plans. Summerland returned to Sue this winter and took a position as a much loved pet.

Garnet – a valley and a dog

Our 2nd sponsored dog is Garnet, named after our new Garnet Valley Ranch vineyard site. Garnet was raised by two PADS puppy raisers Ed and Teri, but Christine managed to squeeze in puppy sitting as Garnet loved to spend time in Summerland. It was very rewarding to watch Garnet learn and grow but it was ultimately decided that Garnet’s energy would be better spent in a family setting. She now lives with Andy, Leeann and Nate and is constantly on the go which suits her high level personality.

Gamay – more than a lovely wine

Our 3rd sponsored dog is Gamay, named after one of our favourite red wines. Gamay made a visit to the winery this summer to take part in the PADS fund-raiser Puppies on the PAD. She is a lovely little dog who is working really hard at becoming a service dog. Christine sees Gamay at PADS puppy classes from time to time and usually gets a special little tail wiggle in recognition.