Wine Campus @ Okanagan Crush Pad is released!

Founded in 2011, Wine Campus @ Okanagan Crush Pad’s mentorship program is designed to further individual study in wine education.

There are two major components:

  1. An annual scholarship of $5,000 donated to the BC Hospitality Foundation towards wine studies.
  2. Vancouver’s Sommelier of the Year is invited to make approximately 100 cases of wine at Okanagan Crush Pad.

Our third Wine Campus wine was released in November 2013. Vancouver’s 2012 Sommelier of the Year, Terry Threlfall made 150 cases of TNT Chardonnay ($22.90). Terry used his initials (Terry Nicholas Threlfall) to create a name for his wine which offers a fun play on words. By all accounts, TNT is a dynamite wine and is everything that Terry hoped it would be.

To read / download the TNT Media / Information Kit click here.

Here’s what has happened so far (a LOT):

To date, $10,000 has been donated to the BC Hospitality Foundation.

The 2011 scholarship was shared among four students: Jessica Bryans, Jonny Tyson, Tammy Gamel and Prahlad Sukhtankar.

The 2012 scholarship was awarded to: Jason Yamasaki (Chambar Restaurant), Robert Carras (Libations Liquor Store), Tayler Colton (Vij’s Restaurant), Franco Michienzi (Hawksworth Restaurant), Angela Wall (Terrafina Restaurant at Hester Creek) and Colin Davidson (Hawksworth Restaurant).

The 2013 scholarship award will be made in April 2014.

Wine Campus Recipients

Mentoring the development of a wine and brand:

Wine Campus @ Okanagan Crush Pad projects to date:

2010 Sommelier of the Year – Kurtis Kolt – Kurtis Semillon 2011 was released in June 2012 – SOLD OUT.
2011 Sommelier of the Year – Owen Knowlton – Owen Cabernet Franc 2012 was released in June 2013 – SOLD OUT.
2012 Sommelier of the Year – Terry Threlfall – TNT Chardonnay 2012 was released November 2013.
2013 Sommelier of the Year – Samantha Rahn – we will keep you posted.

The Wine: