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Celebrate International Pinot Noir Day

International Pinot Noir Day

August 18th 2023

Mark your calendars and get ready to delight your senses because International Pinot Noir Day is just around the corner! At Haywire Winery, we’re thrilled to celebrate this occasion with a unique selection of four exquisite Pinot Noir wines that truly capture the essence of our cool climate terroir.

Pinot Noir, often called the “Heartbreak Grape,” is a delicate yet complex varietal that flourishes in our beautiful cool-climate Summerland vineyards. Its thin skin and sensitivity to terroir produces wine of unparalleled elegance.

🍇 Discover the enigmatic history of Pinot Noir, it’s a grape variety with roots tracing back to the Roman times. The name, “Pinot” derives from the French word “pine” due to the grape clusters’ pine cone-like shape. Through centuries of cultivation and winemaking, Pinot Noir has become a symbol of patience and craftsmanship, demanding the utmost attention to detail to reveal its true splendour.

As we celebrate International Pinot Noir Day this August 18th, let’s raise a glass to the centuries of dedication that have brought us this exceptional varietal. Join Haywire Winery in toasting to tradition, innovation, and the timeless allure of Pinot Noir.