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Travelling To Wine Country With Your Dog

If you know Christine Coletta, owner of Okanagan Crush Pad, you know that she’s a dog lover. She owns four dogs; two of which (Echo and Acadia, black Labrador Retrievers) reside with her, and two (Yukon and Bizou, Great Pyrenees) live on her Garnet Valley Ranch Vineyard property.

We asked Christine for her top tips for bringing your pooch to wine country so you can all have a great family vacation together. These tips apply to her area in the Okanagan, but can be applied in any wine region…

First of all, at Okanagan Crush Pad, well-behaved dogs are welcomed with open arms. There are numerous shady places to tie up, and fresh water for pups to drink. If your dog is a mature, calm dog, that doesn’t jump onto or run towards others, it is welcome inside the winery, provided it’s on its leash. Well behaved dogs are also welcome to take a walk in the vineyard, however it’s important to note that there are other animals at the winery, so please keep your dog on a leash.

Christine also says to bring a picnic; your pooch can picnic with you at Okanagan Crush Pad Winery. Spread out a blanket and have a seat at one of the many picnic spots, and have your dog right alongside.

Members of THE Club at Okanagan Crush Pad are invited to go behind the scenes up to the winery’s Garnet Valley Ranch property to meet the Great Pyrenees vineyard dogs, Bizou and Yukon. (Please note that this is not a regular public offering; it’s only for club members who reserve in advance.)

As far as the rest of your vacation and getting to and from wine country with your dog, Christine has her top 10 tips:

1. Find a dog-friendly hotel.

Christine notes there are several, and to make sure you inform them upon booking that your dog will be joining you. Let them know in advance, so their designated pet room is ready for you.

2. Never ever leave your dog alone in the car.

This goes for anytime, anywhere, but most especially in the Okanagan where the temperatures inside cars are unsafe.

3. Stop for breaks.

As the road trip happens, it’s important to make sure there are a lot of environmental breaks taken.

4. Share treats.

Keep a healthy supply of water and treats on hand. Some dogs can get quite stressed when moving from place to place, so reassuring them with a treat lets them know that everything is okay.

5. Provide a feeling of security.

Along with the treats, make sure you’ve got a blanket and bed in your car for your dog, so they know where their place is, especially as they move from different locations.

6. Restock if you need to.

Forget something at home? Coletta notes that Critter Corner in Summerland has everything that you need for your dog.

7. Get outside.

There are numerous dog-friendly beaches, creeks, and pathways to play along. There are so many great places to picnic and dine outdoors.

8. Confirm that your dog is welcome.

Coletta also notes that there are many other dog friendly wineries throughout the Okanagan but not all wineries are dog friendly, so be aware of this. Many will note on their website if they will welcome your furry friends, but it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and ask.

9. Go for a swim.

Summerland’s Peach Orchard Dog Beach beach is excellent, with lots of places to swim and frolic with your dog.

10. Take a spa day.

If you feel like you want to have a few hours free without your furry companion, consider Kelowna Pet Resort. This luxury pet boarding, grooming and daycare facility is situated in the middle of wine country, so you can drive around and visit the places that don’t accommodate dogs without any worry.

If you follow these 10 tips, your trip into Okanagan wine country with your dog will be amazing.