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As Covid-19 escalates, the team at Okanagan Crush Pad stands with you

We are all facing challenging times with each day bringing new directives from government and health officials on what we must do to protect ourselves and to hit back the growing curve of COVID-19 cases.

None of us envisioned things could escalate so quickly and now is the ideal time to isolate and distance from direct contact. OCP’s employees are following smart work practices by either working at home or in isolation.

When the risk to our employees and customers is behind us, expect to see us back in front of you with renewed energy, creative ideas, and a line-up of outstanding wines.

In the meantime, we ask you to please support local and independent companies as we all need your help to support our staff as we all make our way through these challenging times.

Our wish for you and your family: stay safe. We encourage you to stay connected to each other via video and social media, and to continue supporting one another. Together, we will get through this.