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Ancient Method 2017

FARMER Duncan Billing

VINEYARD Garnet Valley Ranch

LOCATION Summerland, Okanagan, British Columbia

Aspect: South-West | Soil: Volcanic matter including sandy loam, granite and limestone rocks that vary from block to block | Status: Certified organic | Grapes Grown: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gamay with Chenin Blanc to follow.

WINEMAKERS Matt Dumayne and Jordan Kubek

WINEMAKING Our Ancient Method, made from 100% organic Pinot Noir, was whole bunch pressed into 2,000L concrete tanks where it started native fermentation. On October 18, 3,600 bottles were filled, and the fermentation was completed. After six months it was disgorged with zero dosage.

WINE PROFILE This wine is a snapshot of one day during harvest. Nothing added except love and hard work. On the palate, ripe red apples and a crisp lemon finish. Subtle nuances of granite and a linear minerality that showcases our Garnet Valley Vineyard.