Free Form

Free Form Wine's Garnet Valley Ranch Organic Vineyard in Summerland, Okanagan

Free Form launches with four wines: an Ancient Method sparkling, a Vin Gris and two extended skin-contact wines. Made from organic grapes, native yeast and free of additives, these wines are left to find their own course under the watchful eye of Matt Dumayne. The inspiration for our Free Form art was taken from the unique features of our landscape where low hills and oblong lakes were formed by glacial activity during the final retreat of the ice more than 9,000 years ago. Large deposits of gravel, silt and sand were left behind in the valleys formed over time by water and wind. In the rain shadow of two mountain chains, large alluvial fans and deltas used for agriculture surround a chain of lakes, all once part of a larger glacial lake. The rain shadow creates a hot, desert-like dry climate, home to wild sage, bunch grass, cacti and rattlesnakes. In a country known for long, cold winters, this climate is unique.

Wines, made by Matt Dumayne, are fermented in concrete tanks or clay amphorae. Extended skin contact is used, followed by a gentle pressing and further rest before bottling (free of rough handling and commercial additives, and little to no sulfites). In our pursuit of “wines of place”, we celebrate the inherent difference and pleasure of each vintage. Each is one of a kind – never to be repeated.

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