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Let Your Love Bubble Over This Valentine’s Day

Haywire Pink Bubbly on a platter with flowers

What makes a moment romantic for you?

Even just the thrill of doing something unusual, exclusive, or luxurious can amp up the romance in any situation.

Perhaps it’s the atmosphere. It’s easy to feel inspired by love and it can make what might be an ordinary occasion feel very magical.

Whatever it is that brings the spark into your relationship — sparkling wine is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day. you.

And our oh-so-romantic sparkling wine pack is sure to make this Valentine’s Day even more memorable. Envision those lovely bubbles, popping all around you releasing divine fragrances into the air.

Here’s what you get in the Okanagan’s most romantic wine package:

Free Form Ancient Method 2017

Pairs Perfectly With: A Romantic Day at Big White

The Free Form Ancient Method 2017, made from 100% organic Pinot Noir, is a snapshot of one day during harvest. Lovingly crafted, it has hints of ripe red apples on the palate with a crisp lemon finish.

It’s no accident that the forbidden fruit is featured in our most romantic wine package yet. The unmistakable taste is sure to conjure up images of love as it dances across your taste buds.

In a statement as true for this divine organic wine as it is for any lasting relationship, there’s “nothing added except love and hard work”. It’s the perfect addition to your romantic day in the snow.

Pink Bub 2018

Pairs Perfectly With: A Romantic Home-Cooked Meal

This delightful bubbly sets the tone for the most romantic evening of the year. Its lovely pink hue is offset perfectly by candles and roses or other romantic floral arrangements. And the refreshing sweetness of the wild strawberries effortlessly adds depth.

This stash of the Pink Bub is the last of its vintage. Dropping that fact into your evening will ensure your special someone feels like royalty.

The Bub 2016

Pairs Perfectly With: Skating at Stuart Park

This BC-made sparkling uses Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes harvested from two uniquely different sites. Described as bold, crisp and fresh, it’s equally capable of detailing a romantic evening holding hands as you glide around the rink as it is the taste of The Bub.

The light effervescence pairs well with the endless butterflies in your stomach. Ensuring your evening will be every bit as light, romantic and bubbly as you’d dreamed.

Narrative XC Method

Pairs Perfectly With: A Romantic Getaway or Stay-cation

The Narrative XC Method is aged in the exact same fashion as traditionally-made sparkling wine. It’s the perfect complement to your romantic getaway. Whether you spend the evening in the hot tub, overlooking the Okanagan from your balcony, or ordering in – this creamy, medium-bodied bubbly will infuse luxury, elegance and romance to your night in spades.

Elegant Extras:

This sparkling wine pack comes complete with a bottle opener, wine bag, and GoVino glass.

With a range of bubbly you’ll fall in love with, it really is a romantic pick for any lover of wine this Valentine’s Day. While our Valentine’s Deal will ensure you’ve got a drop for every moment this winter.

Order a Valentine’s sparkling wine pack plus another 6 bottles or more of your choice and receive a $20 shipping credit.

Treat yourself and your special someone to this special set of wines or any of our other unique and lovingly-crafted bottles.

Even though we are closed for the season, we are opening our tasting room to help you celebrate with your Valentine. Join us on Saturday, February 15th to taste our new pink bubbles! And of course, our online store is always open!