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Swing, Pivot and Shift – Goodbye Tasting Bar.

If you have yet to visit, the OCP Tasting Lounge will be open until October 11th, so please come visit. Book here..

Hours are 11am to 5pm Thursday to Monday.


Necessity is the mother of invention. This spring was a season of change for all of us.

If you visited wine country this summer, you likely saw new guest experience models at your favourite wineries, with OCP included.

While our new service model was created out of necessity in response to COVID-19, it’s a keeper.

Our new table-side service experience features wine flight decks served on elegant wood flight boards. This new way to taste made the previous tasting bar model seem rather inhospitable.

This year visitors enjoyed unhurried, professional service in a relaxed vineyard setting. Our service team (from a distance) shared their knowledge of our Free Form, Haywire, Narrative, and Bizou + Yukon portfolios. This truly is what wine country is all about.

OCP has always embraced change.  Our team now happily says goodbye to the old tasting bar model, and moves permanently to full table service.

It feels like BC wine country has truly come into its own this year.


Tasting setup at Okanagan Crush Pad
Photo courtesy of Maggi Mei